Cydgra Q : Penis Enlargement Medicine?

Hello Everyone,
Cydgra Q is used to enlarge the penis and longer lasting erection.It is the homeopathic medicine and combination of
Tribulus Terrestris
Sabal Serrulata
Cydonia Vulgaris
Can any body relay me where can I buy this product in India.
What are the potencies of All the homeopathic medicine
What dosage
Also tell me about Cydgra Q Oil for stroke.
What Composition
Please tell me.
Thanking You.
I hear about this drug for the first time. Is there anything like that?
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No research prooved this.
I don't devise any medicine can big the normal size of the organ. be cool and treatment what you have.
Hi, the prevalent function of this and all other products like these is to extract as much money from you as possible by selling false hope and shallow promises,Thank you and flawless luck.
I have never heard of such a pill. Anyway no pill can enlarge the penis. They can singular improve your erection hardness and sex drive. Source(s):

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