Can coca-cola or any soda rationale a bladder infection?

I was just wondering, and is it more expected to do in girls/women? I had a bladder infection when I be a kid, the doctor said it was made worse by drinking too much soda. Lately I have be drinking a can of coke a day and find myself going to the bathroom more often, and am thinking possibly the coke is causing a bladder infection again?
dunno if can affect the bladder,but coca cola does affect ur bones...i hear it makes ur bones melt
Coke absolutely won't cause a bladder infection, although if you had one it would probably cause the symptoms worse. It will cause you to urinate a lot more recurrently, though -- both because the caffeine is a diuretic (causing your kidneys to excrete more water in the form of urine) and because it irritates the inside layer of your bladder, making it feel full before it if truth be told is. Those effects have nothing to do next to gender -- I'm a guy and usually have to pee in about 45 minutes of drinking a can of Coke, even if I just go beforehand! This has nothing to do near a bladder infection and everything to do with the effects of caffeine on the bladder. Some people give the impression of being to be more strongly affected by this than others, though, so really, it's just a grill of whether you're bothered enough by it to give up the soda, or whether you're likely to put up with the extra annoyance of visiting the bathroom constant.

Also for what it's worth, diet soda would probably actually be worse in this respect than regular soda, as artificial sweeteners can irritate the bladder as well, although non-caffeinated soda (such as Sprite) shouldn't have nearly as much of an effect as Coke does. Drinking some marine in addition to the Coke should also support to reduce the irritation to the bladder (and is a good impression for your health in general), although as expected it probably won't reduce the number of bathroom stops you have to bring in!

Good luck! Source(s): personal experience, and a biochemistry degree :)
Coke or an soda can be considered an irritant, it isn't necessarily going to "give" you a bladder infection. The infection is caused by microbes. However, excessive use may irritate you. Soda also dehydrates you, and for proper urinary health you should be drinking lots of water, and also cranberry liquid. Your physician was definitely right within telling you that it could have made the bladder infection worse. Drinking too much coke-cola can aggravate the symptoms of an already existing bladder infection, and can possibly incline the chances of another one. Drinking soda in moderation is not doomed to failure, but over-use is not good. If I were you, I would cut out the soda for awhile, drink plenty of hose down, and even some cranberry juice(which is great for your kidneys).
Also, you mentioned that you've found yourself going to the bathroom more often, that is because the caffeine within coke-cola is a diuretic, it will make you urinate more. However, it is not really hydrating you, you actually lose wet.

I hope this helps a bit, good luck! Source(s): I'm a pharmacist
Cokes and sodas etc are known as "slaughterer drinks" that cause a host of health endanger problems. Read the new amendments to the FDA regulations on beverages yet? Scary!
It does not cause a bladder infection.
An infection by definition is cause by an organism.
Drinking coke does not cause infection.
There may be anectodal evidence that drinking soda may change the pH of your urine which may pre-dispose you to enjoy infection easier.
While drinking cranberry juice can help diminution urinary infection because it contains a compound that can disrupt the attachment of bacteria to the urinary tract and thus prevent infection. But you need to drink sufficient amount for that to develop.
Side note: the most sexual intercourse you have, likelihood are you will have more urinary tract infection. Source(s): medical friend
Artificial colors in soda and other food and drink do irritate the bladder and kidneys. Steer clear of them as much as you can.

I have a bladder disease call interstitial cystitis. I also have to avoid caffeine -- also in Coke -- as it irritates my bladder as ably.

Get off the water and drink as much WATER as you can to flush out that bladder. Source(s): My urologist
No, it's more resembling when women drink so many sodas, and not enough sea, and that can lead to a bladder infection. Drinking lots of water and peeing closely flushes out bacteria and helps prevent urinary tract infections. However, if you're peeing seriously because of drinking sodas, that's not going to have the same benefit. Source(s): Been here!

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